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In search of Xmas goods ASAP!
I'm looking for various xmas themed goodies! I prefer plush but any kind of xmas themed pokemon good will work! I prefer to not buy this years items since the person I'm sure has boughten them already :P

New Pkmn Center items that were forgotten about!
So while everyone was freaking out about subbies, the USA site added several other things.
They include Binders, a purse and socks! Pics and link below!
Lookie!Collapse )

US WA pokemon center kiosks
SO, I was wondering what the location of the current WA, pokemon centers are. I know one of them closed a year or two ago and I live 3 hours away to there general location so I just wanna know where the largest kiosk are and blah, blah.

Pokemon center US plushies
anybody who lives close to the pokemon centers in WA, could you kind enough to take note of the available plushies